Sunday, February 8, 2009

The hail storm came fast,
Shutting down the Interstate.
Quick ice can stick slick.


For me, today was a trip down to Tucson to wander around the annual Gem and Mineral Show. I was especially smitten with the "African Village", where honest-to-gosh Africans sell wooden masks and beaded crafts. The beads, in particular, were stunningly beautiful under today's gray rainy skies. On the drive back to Superior, hail fell so heavily that traffic stopped and the desert was coated with an even layer of white ice.

1) Beaded African wedding belts hang on a fence.
2) Conical hat with face and birds.
3) Chairs upholstered entirely with tiny seed beads.
4) Another set of similar chairs.
5) There were many tables covered in hanks of beads just like this.

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