Tuesday, May 12, 2009

We have so little;
We can never give too much.
Loss is fulfillment.


This is a rare week in the Sonoran Desert. While most of the wildflowers are quickly fading in the 100∘heat, the palo verde trees have created a land of gold.

There are two species of palo verde that grow naturally to this area: the blue palo verde (with bright yellow flowers) and the foothills palo verde (with cream yellow flowers that have a single white petal).

Consider how unusual it is to live in an environment that is dominated by only two trees - mesquite and palo verde. And it is only the palo verde that covers itself completely in flowers before it puts out leaves. I wonder if there is any place else on earth where this phenomenon occurs on such a grand and glorious scale?

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Sandra said...

This is my favorite haiku so far into this blog!